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F-droid is one of those projects that could really do with more recurring donations. They are extremely unobtrusive about their donations. One of the devs actually writes on his homepage [1] that he would like to work more on google free android, but is currently looking for funding. But apart from that there's just a few buttons on the homepage sidebar.

I recently heard that these folks are running the entire operation mostly on goodwill, so I just took the time to look into it a bit. They have about $110 of monthy recurring revenue on OpenCollective [2] and about $750 monthly recurring on liberapay [3]. That's not even one minimum wage salary. That's nothing.

They received big donation of 10K they got from Mozillas Opensource Speed dating session at FOSDEM this year [4] which is great. It's not recurring though from what I can see.

BUT: for being the one project that people (me included) point to when the question of a more open mobile platform arises, having the entire infrastructure (build servers, hosting, code, not to mention someone supervising the whole thing) be done by a handful of volunteers on a shoestring budget doesn't seem right.

Edit: I am aware there are many other open mobile projects and I love them to bits, but they are nowhere near as complete an experience as AOSP + f-droid. Personally, I don't really think of android (even without google and with f-droid) as a free platform, and I don't think that will ever change. So by all means, also donate to Mobian, UBports and all the others. :)

[1]: https://bubu1.eu/

[2]: https://opencollective.com/f-droid#section-budget

[3]: https://liberapay.com/F-Droid-Data/donate ( €143.76/week * 52 / 12, converted to USD )

[4]: https://twitter.com/fdroidorg/status/1243499250551410688

I'm surprised of these low numbers. How come the FSF does not aid this cornerstone project at all?
Well, FSF is highly ideological; not every FOSS project would match. I have no idea, whether F-Droid would match, I try to keep out of the heavy ideological arguments...

Does FSF sponsor any projects? (Honest question, never thought about it...)

F-droid is amazing for android. It's probably the one nice thing about the platform.

lots of people have probably given up on android now though and there are multiple phones with support for a decent Linux distribution at this point.

> support for a decent Linux distribution

Last time I checked (admittedly a few months ago) the Librem 5 was the most promising Linux phone but had trouble reliably making calls!

Is there a fluid and reliable (hardware and software) Linux phone?

At work we're deploying some stock Android Samsung Xcover4s and despite having good enough hardware on paper they feel really sluggish when using them (before any apps installed, fully updated, most bloatware removed with ADB).

So if a 250€ Samsung with stock Android doesn't manage to be pleasant to use, I have doubts that a Linux phone will succeed but I would be happy to be wrong.

I'm trying to degoogle my e-life, I'm planning to install GrapheneOS on my Pixel 4 XL but if there's a Linux phone that matches the user experience I may consider switching to that instead.

You are making typical mistake: Linux is joy to develop. Well developed Linux distribution is joy to use for users, but boring for developers. Currently, if you are young developer, you can have lot of joy with Linux on phone.
Those multiple phones with support for a decent Linux distribution, don't run certain important apps. OSMAnd beats any of the rudimentary map offerings on the Librem or the Pinephone, for instance. Consequently, in the short term Linux phone users are interested in running Android apps through emulation (Anbox, or Jolla's Android layer), and when you do that, you usually get the apps you need through F-Droid.
> OSMAnd beats any of the rudimentary map offerings on the Librem or the Pinephone

Not to knock OSMAnd, but Ubports' Pure Maps isn't bad, is it?

> Ubports' Pure Maps isn't bad, is it?

Maybe some people find it sufficient for basic navigation, but it is missing all those detailed features that you can toggle on OSMAnd to clearly show OpenStreetMap tagging (road surfaces, street lighting, etc.)

And yet some people are pulling in $30k a month selling photos of themselves in bikinis on OnlyFans.

I try to be an optimist but sometimes it's hard to picture a bright future.

So, perhaps OnlyFans as a platform makes it easy, both in a logistical sense and a psychological one, to support creators you like with a recurring commitment.

Are there any open-source platforms that nail both of those factors?

Conclusion: Maybe F-Droid should be on OF.

Any comments on Nitrokey as a HSM?

The price seems reasonable, especially compared to other vendors, and the open-source development policies are attractive.

This is great, and I'd like to see generic hardware support for signing across OSes and programs. I guess FIDO2 is the closest we have to that right now, but that's rather application-specific. Still, that might be a strength rather than a weakness (I'm not readily sure if the keys transfer from, say, one computer to another), and I'd like to see it proliferate more.
FIDO2 is just for authentication, isn't it? This is for signing in the hardware enclave. For that there are standards like S/MIME and OpenPGP that can run in the enclave.
It lets you sign a token to authenticate (which is its primary purpose), I'm not sure off the top of my head if it can't also be used to sign arbitrary data...
> once a key is generated inside a HSM it can never be extracted in plain text form.

Wow, good thing it can only be extracted in Base64-encoded form!

Those 3133+ h4x0rs will never figure out how to decode it!